Exist Loudly

51 Days in…

51 days into Lockdown 2.0 and well, I’m not insane…yet.
While the first lockdown ended after 87 days, I can say without doubt 2.0 will not be ending in 36 days that’s for sure.

At the end of July, the government announced they were giving singles a “singles bubble”. It means that, I as a person who lives alone, can have one friend be dedicated as my bubble buddy for lockdown. This weekend, I finally got to see my bubble buddy, Leander and we sat at my kitchen table talking, laughing, listening to music, and playing backgammon. Goddman, it was good to do. I needed those few hours of laughter and silliness.

Writing wise, Ava and Hart’s love story is trudging along nicely. I suspect, if all goes well, I might even have it finished by the end of August. I’m going to be a bit sad when I finish it. As I’ve said before, their story has brought joy to me. I like their happiness. I might try to find a way to marry their story and Coffee and Conversations into one novel later but that isn’t a need for me like the need I had to write their story.

It’s no secret I am a music lover and I can spend days listening to the same album or song. This week I went back to my 90’s love Alice in Chains. I listened to all the studio albums and EPs in chronology order and man oh man, did that rekindle my love for AIC. They have not put out a bad album in their career and their sound and style is still so distinct that you know instantly when you hear an AIC song. A few weeks prior I did the same for Eighteen Visions and that just solidified my love for that band even more and made me appreciate their older stuff as I became a fan during their Obsession album and the earlier stuff was “too heavy” for me at that time. Now, their heavy stuff is my go to. 18V and AIC may single handedly save me this lock down.