Pretty Vacant One

🔥Track: Freeze My Mind by Emigrate

I’ve been a fan of EMIGRATE ever since Richard Kruspe of RAMMSTEIN announced he had a solo project. So, let me be honest, there was a 99.9% chance I was going to dig this song even before hearing it.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had new music from EMIGRATE. Like 2.5 plus years long so, when EMIGRATE and Richard started positing on socials, I got real excited for new music.

And after hearing FREEZE MY MIND, just add the .1% because I absolutely dig this song. EMIGRATE had me hooked as soon as the bass started (I’m a sucker for bass) and gooooood god almighty, let’s talk about the bass to this song. It’s down right in-fucking-fectious. It’s not crazy or complex, just a simple groove that hooks you in and hold you tight.

With the release of this song, EMIGRATE has added DJ Andrea Marino and bassist Alice Lane to the fold along with Richard and long time drummer Joe Letz.

FREEZE MY MIND seems to be a progressional step in EMIGRATE‘s musical journey from 2018’s A MILLION DEGREES and showcases a “softer” music side of Richard and I say softer loosely as this song is still a banger of a tune, but it’s not as heavy as what one would expect from a RAMMSTEIN tune. What it does is showcase Richard’s talent as a guitarist and vocalist. If this song is any indication of what’s to come on the 4th EMIGRATE album, then I am in for a rocking treat that is heavy in guitar, hooky in bass and drums and gonna be down right awesome.