Pretty Vacant One

Track by Track: Peace, Love and Time by Everything

First, I’m late to this. This 3 track EP came out the week I was wrapping up my Big Girl job for the year and well, time was not on my side to get this cranked out before the holidays.


Did you hear me? New (e:)!!

I’m going to be straight up, I’m biased. I absolutely love this band so you’re not going to get a scathing review. I have been jonesing for new music from them since they released In the Juju World in 2006 and seemingly disappeared off the planet to live their lives.

Then in 2020 they resurfaced, providing throwbacks to previous years and teasing new music.

December 2021 would be when (e:) fans received the gift of Peace, Love and Time.

(What’s so Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – Their cover of this song is essential Everything. Beautiful brush strokes on the drums, soft tones of the guitar, and haunting vocals. The band understands the mathematics of music. They know when to crank up it up or tone it down. Don’t get me wrong, I love them when they’re throwing down a funky groove, but it’s the quieter moments in songs like this where they shine. Uncomplicated and un-rushed.

Wonderful World – Just as above, the quiet un-rushed beauty continues. It’s a beautiful cover with understated harmonies.

Time Will Heal Me – Possibly my favorite song off their 1998 album Supernatural, this song gets a 2021 glow up. The band has matured and grown and this version of Time Will Heal Me is a matured version of the original song. It still keeps the young wistful and hopeful feelings of yesteryears but adds a dreamlike and ethereal tone that is reminiscing the past but feeling positive about the future. I didn’t think I could love the song more. I am happily wrong,

Listen to Peace, Love and Time:

Listen to the original version of Time Will Heal Me