My Darling Syd

I met you on a Christmas Eve
Was that the first time you felt seen?
The first time you were heard?
Was it the first you felt accepted?
And knew you were loved?

my darling Syd
my love for you knows no limits
my support for you no boundaries

my darling Syd
creator and dreamer
you have been seen
and you have been heard

my darling Syd
show off your swag
by being odd
and owning your weird

my darling Syd
you are loved just as you are
as much as you were when you were her
as much as you are as they

my darling Syd
breathe easy
you are not alone
dry those tears
there’s nothing to fear

my darling Syd
the shining star in my night sky

Be brave
Be strong
Here in this world is where you belong

my darling Syd
I’ve got your six

my darling Syd
I see you
I believe in you
I love you

inspired by, written for, and dedicated to Syd Rayne

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