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🔥Track: Call Me Little Sunshine by Ghost

Sweden’s GHOST has released a new track from their upcoming IMPERA album (March 2022) and whew boy. It’s a rocker and a nice little follow up to 2021’s single “Hunter’s Moon”.

I have to admit, I was late in joining the GHOST party. I just didn’t “get” their sound when OPUS EPONYMOUS came out in 2010, but then again, it wasn’t the type of music I was into at the time either. And even with their Grammy for “Circe” in 2016 it didn’t put the band on my listen music radar.

It wasn’t until 2018’s PREQUELLE that I finally fell in love with the band. It took the song “Rats” for me to fully appreciate the band and led me to go back and listen to the band’s history and well, I’ve been hooked ever since.

Brief overview for non GHOST listeners: When the band was created, they decided they should be a Satanic themed and anonymous band, hence the band wearing masks and dressing accordingly to the album of that era (see photo below). In 2017, due to a now dismissed lawsuit, it became known that the band was fronted by Tobias Forge.

Cardinal Copia with Nameless Ghouls (Prequelle era)

While Tobias’ identity is known, the Nameless Ghouls are still mostly unknown and nameless and are known to the fans by the alchemy symbols on the clothing. Tobias has fronted the band as Papa Emeritus (on OPUS EPONYMOUS), Papa Emeritus II (on INFESTISSUMAM), Papa Emeritus III (on MELIORA), Cardinal Copia (on PREQUELLE) who has been moved to Papa Emeritus IV status. If you have the time and want to go deep diving into the history of the band, there is an entire backstory of Papa Emeritus and his various incarnations that is brilliant and downright funny. I honestly appreciate the band even more for the sheer dedication it takes to build their history, their story, and the story arcs. It’s just fucking brilliant.

Now that you’ve received a very brief overview, let’s talk about “Call Me Little Sunshine”.

Good God all mighty, or should I say good Satan all mighty what an infectious tune. It is an absolute banger. The opening riff snags my bass loving heart and then slowly pulls me in with an epic drum and bass that drowns me in sheer happiness. It’s a battle song of doom if I’ve ever heard one. Listening to this song, I can see demons rising from hell and I’m here for the battle.

Musically, it’s the heavy bass and drums that makes me love love love this song. Then the chorus hits and the combination of Tobias’ voice, the chorus, and music is nothing short of finding religion. It melts together in perfect harmony.

Bonus, they have managed to put Mephistopheles in a song and I am here for it kids. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

While I love the bass and drums, what I really appreciate is Tobias’ vocals. There’s a little bit of grit and grime to his vocals that is not often there. It’s a dark yet loving tone. His vocals are heavier especially compared to “Hunter’s Moon” which happens to be the next track on the album. His vocals on “Call Me Little Sunshine” gives me chills as he simultaneously sounds both venomous and caring. In my opinion, it’s vocally one of his best songs.

Listen below.