Nails by Sophia

This experience all started because of a like on Instagram.

Who was this person that liked my story?
Curious me, clicked the profile and I’m glad I did.

Meet Sophia. Manicurist. Nail artist.

I had never heard of e-file manicures so after doing some research on what it was and on the products Sophia uses, I booked an appointment to get my nails done by her.

Worse case scenario, I walked away with a my nails done.
Best case scenario, I find a manicurist that I loved.

You can probably guess which scenario I had.

It was not only a peaceful and luxurious experience, it was also educational too. Sophia walked me through each process as she was doing it. Answering any questions I had and diving into the why or science behind it if I asked. Her knowledge and expertise was amazing. I did not know how much information or detail was required to do what she does.

Her attention to detail is amazing. I watched as she carefully painted my nails with the tiniest of nail brushes, checking each nail in the light over and over before having me cure them under the UV lamp. One nail didn’t meet her standards and she wiped it clean and started over.

I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAD A MANICURIST DO THAT. Never. Ever. My mind was legitimately blown away.

She took her time, examining her own work over, checking for flaws, and making sure she reached the high bar she set for herself.

This is the best my nails have ever looked in my life. And trust me, I’ve been around the sun twice more than Sophia has. 

Today was not only a “treat yo-self” day, today was an absolute beautiful and lovely experience with Sophia.

I cannot recommend her enough. She definitely has a longtime client in me.

Sydney folks, you can find Sophia on Instagram or book your own appointment with her.