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Shelia Taylor

Feel Good

I’ve been reading various agents, editors, publishers, writers, etc discussing NaNoWriMo. This is just an inspiration update…a feel good entry…maybe, I’ll just call this entry FEEL GOOD DRAG (stolen from a song […]

Once Again

1221 words written. 1 entire chapter thrown out. All that equals 1 very, very happy writer. Odd I know. I read a blog today about writing and it said “the story chooses […]

Just Be

It’s Wednesday & it’s 9:46 pm. I was suppose to go see Social Distortion tonight, but I’m mentally drained & really just too freaking exhausted. A load of laundry is drying in […]

Goodnight Baby

It’s Sunday, October 18th and it’s 9:02 pm. I’m sitting in my room listening to the sounds of life outside my apartment window. I much prefer the sounds of the countryside. I […]