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Shelia Taylor

Earthly Roads

From the ends of the earthTo the dark edges of the universeI’d travel far and wideFor your returnUpon beaten pathsAnd diverged woodsFor your discarded heartDown information superhighwaysAnd unpaved bywaysFor your chaotic mindAstral […]

The Rumour

The rumours are trueEvery word, every lieOf heart and to the boneThat I am nothing moreAnd forever moreA hear that is filledWith love and a bit of hateA mind that is filledWith […]

remove the jack

remove the jack from the ampunplug from the socialsa digital detox of doom remove the jack from the ampunplug from the realityan ego dispersed of soul remove the jack from the ampunplug […]


fills my soulfills my mindgratitudefor lessons learnedfor battles lostfor hearts brokengratitudefor blood spilledfor sweat burnedfor tears criedgratitudefor mefor youfor the Universe

The Beginning

in the beginningthere was darknessdust and starstangled with chaos and earth in the beginningfear had no homeand no where to go in the beginningthere was a glimmera shining lightof an eternal heart […]