Category: Poetry


And the thoughts… They invade like locusts on a warm summer night Stopping me in my tracks Surrendering me to my knees Hopeless Confused Struggling for answers Advice from friends Guidance from […]

right to flee

an overwhelming sadness thoughts of letting go letting go of this earthly bond letting go of this love an ache in my heart each beat tears it apart should have never liked […]


You were covered in lies. Lies I wanted to hear. Lies of the heart. Each word, each breathe. Each touch, each kiss. Lies I wanted hear. Lies of the heart. Each heartbeat, […]

A Deep Throb

My head is achingI’m full of frustrationFrustration from being confusedI feel that no one can understandI feel that no one caresI feel like screamingBut no voice is thereMy head is aching againA […]