Category: Poetry

fuck that

that’s the moodfuck thatfuck themfuck youfuck mefuck all that is goodfuck all this is badi’m out of fucks to carei’m out of fucks to givei no longer give a goddamn fuck

Death Moved

Death moved too fast.Time stood frozen.Your last breath was quick.Pointed.Raspy.I drove the knife deeper.Into the heart of your being.Taking back the life you took from me.

My Darling Syd

I met you on a Christmas EveWas that the first time you felt seen?The first time you were heard?Was it the first you felt accepted?And knew you were loved? my darling Sydmy […]

3am Melancholy

the 3am melancholiesbetween the heavy and the light where the soul is tiredthe heart is crushedand the mind lies in its own dust darkness all aroundno light in sight the 3am melancholiesleave […]

After the Music Stops

What happens after the music stops and the rain stops singing What happens after the music stops and the heart stops beatingWhat happens after the music stops and the brain stops being […]

no goodbye

no goodbyeno fare the well goodnight baby were the last words you spoke 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 30: For today’s prompt, write a goodbye poem

on this evening

setting sunbats fly lowas the stars twinkle to and fro shades of purplemelancholy of pinkpush me to the brink a moment of peaceon a frangipani breezesets my soul at ease 2021 April […]

My Six

I’ve got your sixIt’s who I amLoyal until the bitter end I’ve got your sixBut you don’t have mine You’re not loyalAnd I was blind Through ups and downs you were distant […]

believe in…

believe in full moon magicand fairies sparking the soul believe in loving heartsand beautiful human connections believe in the wisdom of spiritsand ancient guides by your side believe in the Universeand that […]

quiet world

full moonpulling oceansgiving tidessetting freedom on every shore quiet worldin meditation full moonbreathing peacecentering mindfinding myself on the cusp of every breath quiet worldI’m in meditation 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a […]