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47 seconds and you were gone.47 minutes is a lifetime without you.47 days without your voice.47 months and there’s no return.47 years of life were given. 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a […]

let’s get wrecked

let’s get wreckedwrecked on lovewrecked on kindnesslet’s get wreckedwrecked on joywrecked on smileslet’s get wreckedwrecked on strengthwrecked on spirt let’s get wreckedon lifting others instead of tearing them downlet’s get wrecked on […]

I Am

I am nothing.I am everything.I am light.I am dark.I am the moon. 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 9: For today’s prompt, write a persona poem (for […]

empty stomach

the bright darkness of the mindthe beacon of light that shatters the eyesmental anguish of a healthy brainwith a stomach full of unhealthy thoughtsgnawing on bare boneswhile satiating the craving of the […]

not all villains

thrive on hatredsurvive on painbecome alive on lustsomecry out for helpseek attentionact out for lovecrave intimacy 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 7: For today’s prompt, write […]

The First Heartbreak

cardboard robot with broken heart

knuckles bloodied, hands bruisedlips tattered, eyes tornlips swollen, spirit sunk by the first crush   2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 5: For today’s prompt, The First […]

just write’s simple as that.just write.write your fears, your lovewrite your hopes, your dreamswrite you desires, your hatejust write.pen to paperfingers to keyssoul to pagesjust’s simple as that.bloodletting those tearscuring your darkened […]


Words, failWords, liftWords, inspire Words are mean Words are kind Words they matter They lift you or break youThey comfort or hurt you They cut into flesh and bone They heal a […]

Introducing the Saboteur

Excuse me, is this thing on?Hello. Hi.Ugh, god I suck at this.Terrible, quite actually.Exposed and seenHiding behind words.Meet my inner saboteurRich with vile and low on loveShe’s an evil demon hell bent […]