innocence’s caress

innocence’s caress

rise and fall of lungs begging for air flesh against flesh tearing at skin hate filled fingers embed their tips within decibels crescendo on quiet ears one bite and teeth drain a […]

The Hearts Filthy Lesson

the hearts filthy lesson - coffee with bowie

the hearts filthy lesson of love and hate the hearts filthy lesson of obsession and depression the hearts filthy lesson of life and death the hearts filthy lesson of torment and freedom […]

Deafened by Nature

deafened by nature

It’s past 1am and the voices of the outside waken me from my slumber. Not that I was sleeping well. Lost between a reality that was neither here nor there. Music slipped […]

were you a reality


stolen moment breathe taken memory seared of first seeing you was it day or was it night remember what you wore with such delight heart beating fast lungs gasping for air mind […]



within lies deep ache within lies sadness within lies broken pieces within lies depression within lies anxiety within lies strength within lies faith within lies fight within lies fire within lies desire […]

Stolen Moments


stolen moments caught in time two hearts bathed in universal light filling the world with magic and filling it with delight stolen moments taken in love by the purest light   This […]