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March Haikus


Three months strong for three little lines! As I’ve said before they’re part of my morning routine now and enjoy this writing exercise. I’m proud of them all, even the bad ones. You can follow […]

February Haikus


Three little lines with a minimum of seventeen syllables have become my morning routine. I rather enjoy this writing exercise. Some move me while some are not so great but I’m writing […]

The Life


The stake through his heart pierced more than the depths of his soul, it pieced together all of his past lives to this one. Every forgotten memory rushed before his eyes. A […]

Two Crows


The photograph by Jessica Sartini of two crows inspired this poem and another I will publish later as it’s not quite finished. When I saw the photo, I absolutely fell in love with […]

Haikus: January 2017


I was reading “The Portable Jack Kerouac” and stumbled upon his “western haikus” (he kept to the 3 lines vs the traditional 5/7/5 syllables per line). I remember in grade school learning […]


And the thoughts… They invade like locusts on a warm summer night Stopping me in my tracks Surrendering me to my knees Hopeless Confused Struggling for answers Advice from friends Guidance from […]