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The Blood Moon

“Barricade the door!” Ray yelled, slamming it shut behind him. “Give me your knife,” Alice said as a man and woman quickly moved a crate to the doorway. “Not now Alice,” Ray […]


Barfly is finished. 68,708 words and 23 chapters. It only took me 25 days (from November 21st to Jan 14th) to write from beginning to end. I’m sitting here amazed by that […]

Animal Bags

It started as a typical rainstorm. There was a slight breeze that carried the scent of the upcoming rain and the distant sound of thunder. What I didn’t expect was that mixed […]

A Deep Throb

My head is achingI’m full of frustrationFrustration from being confusedI feel that no one can understandI feel that no one caresI feel like screamingBut no voice is thereMy head is aching againA […]