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My Dear

My dear A tear for your pain A fear for your death A hug for your healing A smile for your demons A strength you didn’t know existed A love for self […]

spoken truths

spoken truths geckos chant to corpses below kind words kind actions kind thoughts for yourself and for others let your heart heal let your mind quiet let your soul shine let your […]



footprints 👣 tread quietly little one as they may hear you tread quietly little one as they may fear you tread quietly little one living no sound behind tread quietly little one […]

There’s a…

There’s a sadness within Hanging on the edges of my heart Lingering in the dark There’s a hurt within Knowing it will never be healed There’s a smile that’s broken Shining through […]


There are two types of junkies seeking a high The 2am junkies looking for the next thrill on the white horse The 5am junkies looking for the next rush behind the iron […]


rising tide waning moon falling tide waxing moon ebbs and flows my vibrational energy grows amplified by the magnitude of the lunar moon planets spin in my spiritual plan before sliding out […]