Tag: April Poem a Day Challenge

desert highway

dusty desert highwayheat waves dancing in the airthe shells of remains laid threadbarenothing more to saynothing more to sharethe demons inside the devil’s lairthe hounds were no longer at bayI didn’t careit […]

waiting for the moment

waiting for the momentthe breaththe nowthe heart sinkingthe soul turning to dustwaiting for the momentwhen the stars alignwhen the moon is brightwhen the sun is quietwaiting for the momenttodaytomorrowforever 2021 April PAD […]

Lost City

Slick pavementsBroken dreamsCrushed heartsDruggies and junkiesDreamers and believersStreets crowded with lost soulsNear and farHustling and bustling through lifeLost in the fumesInhaling the dust of the pastExhaling the lust of the futureSquandering the […]


thirteenover lookedunlovedforgottenthirteenreveredlovedsacredunluckyto be luckythirteena numbera curse 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 13: For today’s prompt, write a Lucky and/or Unlucky poem


47 seconds and you were gone.47 minutes is a lifetime without you.47 days without your voice.47 months and there’s no return.47 years of life were given. 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a […]

let’s get wrecked

let’s get wreckedwrecked on lovewrecked on kindnesslet’s get wreckedwrecked on joywrecked on smileslet’s get wreckedwrecked on strengthwrecked on spirt let’s get wreckedon lifting others instead of tearing them downlet’s get wrecked on […]

I Am

I am nothing.I am everything.I am light.I am dark.I am the moon. 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 9: For today’s prompt, write a persona poem (for […]

empty stomach

the bright darkness of the mindthe beacon of light that shatters the eyesmental anguish of a healthy brainwith a stomach full of unhealthy thoughtsgnawing on bare boneswhile satiating the craving of the […]

not all villains

thrive on hatredsurvive on painbecome alive on lustsomecry out for helpseek attentionact out for lovecrave intimacy 2021 April PAD Challenge: Write a poem every day of April.Day 7: For today’s prompt, write […]