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40 Days To Go

Holy cow… 40 days to go… Holy cow. And it really does just seem like yesterday that I was daydreaming and talking about my plans to go to Australia and NOW it’s […]

My Birthday Wish

Dear Family, Friends, Twitter Followers, Strangers, Aliens from Space or Anyone Else Who Happens to Stumble on this Site, Many know I’m going to Australia in Dec (and if you don’t, you […]

Boomerang Babes

The story goes…a dreamer had a gleam in her eye to go to Australia. For years she dreamed this dream and finally in 2011, she said fuck it, just do it. She […]

Do It

As I sat in the passenger seat of Suzanne’s car with my arm hanging out the window and my foot propped on the open window, I realized that 2011 is the year […]