Tag: Universe

Whole Again

I just finished watching the season finale of Touch and it inspired a post of same name and tonight’s episode inspired even more. I know I was on this earth, in this Universe, […]

Happiness Is…

Over the last few days, weeks, months…however long it has been, I have realized that I just don’t put up with a lot of shit. I can’t stand people who are whoa-is-me, […]


If you’ve read anything I’ve posted before, you probably are aware of my belief of the Universe and the signs it gives you. I believe if you’re tuned into your surroundings and […]

The Time is Now

In a few short hours, I’ll be on plane heading to the far side of the world. I’m still worried I don’t have enough money, but as Jimmy Buffett sings…“breathe in, breathe […]

Ça va (It goes)

2 days…until Australia. It just seems like yesterday I was day dreaming and applying for an ETA. As I sat on the phone with Heather, discussing things we’re packing and not packing, […]