The Sound of Madness

I’m Nadia Hiesle. There are two things I’d like to get off my chest: I have a secret that only the dead know about me and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to drown the ghosts of your past with cocktails. So what, if it is Christmas Eve and I am sitting in my favorite gay bar in the Red Light District? My plan was going accordingly until the nouveau riche and handsome, Sam Smith, sat down next to me. If he had taken a seat anywhere else in the bar, I wouldn’t have been politely forced into drinking with him. I wouldn’t have found him attractive or agreed to help him find his long lost daughter, Alice. Damn alcohol. Instead of taking his money and running like I should have, I realized that by helping him I might find a little salvation and redemption from the ghosts that haunt me. The search through the Red Light District will test the limits of our morality and maybe even our sexuality. How far is Sam willing to go to find Alice? How far am I willing to go to help a stranger? Will Sam and I give in to the growing attraction between us? Had I finally found someone I could share my past with or would he leave the Red Light District and me behind? In the Red Light District, it’s all about sex, but for one night, could it be about something more?

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