Vinyl Collection

Last updated 29-November-2020

Avenged Sevenfold 1991 Critical Acclaim
Big Country 1983 In a Big Country
Blondie 1982 The Hunter
Bon Jovi 1984 Bon Jovi
Brian Eno 1977 Before and After Science
Bruce Springsteen 1975 Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen 1980 The River
Bruce Springsteen 1982 Nebraska
CCR 20 Golden Greats
Compilation 1989 Metal Assault
Compilation Thrased Metal
Corey Hart 1985 Boy in the Box
Crowded House 1988 Temple of Low Men
Culture Club 1983 Colour by Numbers
Culture Club 1982 Kissing to Be Clever
David Bowie 1974 Diamond Dogs
David Bowie 1980 Scary Monsters
David Bowie 1984 Tonight
David Bowie 1984 Tonight
David Bowie 1986 Absolute Beginners
David Bowie 1986 Absolute Beginners
David Bowie 1986 Underground
David Bowie 1977 Now
David Bowie 1983 Let’s Dance
Dead or Alive 1985 Youthquake
Depeche Mode 1985 The Singles 81-85
Divinyls 1982 Back to the Wall
Divinyls 1988 Monkey Grip
Duran Duran 1981 Night Romantics
Duran Duran 1981 Night Versions
Duran Duran 1982 Rio
Duran Duran 1984 The Reflex
Editors 2005 The Back Room
Editors 2007 An End Has a Start
Editors 2009 In this Light and on this Evening
Editors 2013 The Weight of Your Love
Editors 2018 Violence
Eighteen Visions 2018 Until the Ink Runs Out
Emigrate 2018 A Million Degrees
Eric Clapton 1977 Slow Hand
Fleetwood Mac 1975 Fleetwood Mac
INXS 1983 Dance
Jackson 5 1984 State of Shock
Jimmy Buffett 1973 A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
Jimmy Buffett 1974 Living and Dying in 3/4 Time
Jimmy Buffett 1974 A1A
Jimmy Buffett 1975 Havana Daydreamin
Jimmy Buffett 1979 Volcano
Jimmy Buffett 1988 Hot Water
Led Zepplin 1975 Physical Graffiti
Kip Moore 2020 Wild World
Matthew Ryan 2008 Matthew Ryan vs the Silver State
Models 1981 Cut Lunch
Models 1986 Media
Models 1985 Out of Mind Out of Sight
Models 1983 The Pleasure of Your Company
Motley Crue 1987 Girls Girls Girls
Nazareth 1975 Hair of the Dog
New Order 1985 Kiss the Perfect
Peter Gabriel 1980 Peter Gabriel
Prince 1984 Purple Rain
Public Image Ltd (PiL) 1986 Album
Rammstein 2015 Liebe ist Fur Alle Da
Rammstein 2015 Rosenrot
Rammstein 2015 Herzeleid
Rammstein 2019 Rammstein
Rolling Stones 1981 Tattoo You
Ryan Adams 2001/2003 New York
Sigue Sigue Sputnik 1986 Love Missile F1-11
Sponge 1995 Plowed
Sponge 1994 Rotting Pinata
Starsailor 2001 Love is Here
Straight Arrows It’s Happening
Talking Heads 1985 Little Creatures
The Amity Affliction 2018 Misery
The Amity Affliction 2020 Everyone Loves You Once you Leave Them
The Cadillac Three 2020 Country Fuzz
The Everly Brothers The Sensational Everly Brothers
The Kinks 1969 Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the The British Empire
The Power Station 1985 Some Like it Hot
The Rockey Horror Picture Show 1975 The Rockey Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
The Scumfrog vs Bowie 2002 Loving the Alien
Thelonius Monk Quartet 2016 Misterioso
U2 1984 The Unforgettable Fire
U2 1983 Two Hearts Beat as One
U2 1983 War
U2 1980 Boy
U2 1988 Rattle & Hum
U2 1984 Pride
Wham The Final
Willie Nelson 1984 City of New Orleans