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The Kills

I can’t remember the exact moment I heard & fell in love with The Kills. I know when I heard “The Good Ones,” I immediately bought their CD and every CD before […]

March Earworms

I wake up with the oddest songs in my head. Here are March’s (updated daily) 03.01 – Slow Motion by Juvenile 03.02 – Crazy by Gnarls Barkley 03.03 – You Got Me […]


I wrote a piece for my job, but I wanted to wanted to share more thoughts on the band and the show. I don’t speak German. I don’t even know what the […]

Albums of 2010

I still can’t bring myself to calling an album a CD…call me old school…call me old… Here are my favorite albums of the year…in alphabetical order Constellations – Southern Gothic Straight from […]