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On Writing: Poem a Day Challenge

I don’t do new year resolutions. Resolutions to me, one either succeeds at the resolution or fails. No in between. I don’t think that’s a sustainable way to better yourself. You’re gonna have ups and downs and you have to accommodate for the ebbs and flows of life…


While watching one of my favorite television shows a new character was introduced. So when the television character’s name was said, I sighed. Not a good sigh. A “are you fucking serious?!?” sigh. How could this character be named this name of all names in the free f’ing world. OF ALL THE NAMES!!


I have three beginnings for my WIP (work in progress) that I’m calling Goliath. (This is not the real title, it’s just that it’s my Goliath, my Mount Everest as I said in my post “Following Your Joy”.) I’ve been struggling with which one would be the best beginning for this novel. I have written and scraped, rewritten and re-scraped, and put this process on repeat more times than I should have.