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As 2015 kicks off, I have one target that has consumed me since January 3, 2012: Australia (and if I’m completely honest, it was even prior to that date, but that was the date of my flight back to the US from my 3 weeks in Australia.) While I was on the flight back to the US, my friend Heather said that I seemed sad, and sad was not even close to describing what I was feeling.

I felt like I was leaving home.

There are places that feel like home the moment you step foot in them and I had never understood that until the moment I landed in Key West circa 2000


spon·ta·ne·i·ty noun ˌspän-tə-ˈnē-ə-tē, -ˈnā- Definition of SPONTANEITY 1 : the quality or state of being spontaneous 2 : voluntary or undetermined action or movement; also : its source When it comes to […]

930 Road Miles

Last week, I put on 930 road miles onto my traveling adventures. Some would gawk at that many miles, as a traveler, I revel in it. Monday, April 23rd – 486 round […]