Tag: Closer to the Edge

Whole Again

I just finished watching the season finale of Touch and it inspired a post of same name and tonight’s episode inspired even more. I know I was on this earth, in this Universe, […]

Celebrating Lek

It’s 12:55 pm here in the US. I am 15 hours ahead in Australia. By the time this actually posts, I will have already celebrated Lek…my mom…in Australia. Hopefully, it will have […]


Here’s my only apology to the world: “I’m sorry I’m not sorry.” Yesterday was a day that I will mark in my life as one of the greatest days in my life. […]

A Tribute to Lek

I cannot believe it is finished. Yesterday, Travis @ Fu’s Custom Tattoos completed my tattoo tribute to my mom. This is what the final piece looks like. I cannot express enough how […]