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Andy, You Goonie

I’ve always been a big fan of the music by Lostprophets and this song has been one of the most played in the month of June. There’s nothing better than singing as […]


“Following your joy, finding what it is when you lose your track of time and trying to direct your life so you can do that as much as possible you’ll start enjoying life a lot more and you’ll find that things will fall into place. That’s the secret to happiness and finding who you are, is following your natural instincts of what makes you happy.”


As 2015 kicks off, I have one target that has consumed me since January 3, 2012: Australia (and if I’m completely honest, it was even prior to that date, but that was the date of my flight back to the US from my 3 weeks in Australia.) While I was on the flight back to the US, my friend Heather said that I seemed sad, and sad was not even close to describing what I was feeling.

I felt like I was leaving home.

There are places that feel like home the moment you step foot in them and I had never understood that until the moment I landed in Key West circa 2000


I can’t tell you how to live your life, I can only tell you how I will live my life.

#1: I don’t guard my time but I will moving forward. The days of saying “YES” to not hurt a friend’s feelings or to feel like I’m still a part of the circle ends. In 2015, I will only do things that inspire me, motivate me, better me, and move forward toward my targets in life.