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If You Were Here

I love you and miss you Mama. Happy early Mother’s Day. “IF YOU WERE HERE” by Poe Father: What is it Annie? Daughter: I miss you.If you were here I know that […]


I’m sitting here watching the Preds vs Blackhawk game and writing you a letter. Obviously right? Taylor’s walking now and speaking baby babble. You’d be so proud of her. Looking at her […]

I Miss You

I find myself missing you at the oddest moments. Like now, I’m sitting here in tears. Nothing particular triggered the tears, I just miss you. I still find it hard to believe […]


As I was driving home to see Brenda, Bud, Riley, & Taylor which is your home, I realized that it doesn’t feel like home. You’re not there to greet me. I don’t […]

What Workout?

So, changing for you, well that turned into, me still being a lazy slob. I can hear your voice and see the look you’re giving me right now. I know, I know, […]

Not Enough Today

Last night I missed you a lot Mama. I realized that nothing can ever replace what you were, still are, have and will always been to me. I haven’t been writing like […]

Human Target

So I caught up on the TV show Human Target. You would really like it Mama. It has action, fight scenes, car chases, and funny characters. You would like the leading actor […]

Follow the Leader

I’m sitting here listening to Matthew Ryan’s “Follow the Leader.” I just adore this song. It’s simply beautiful. The lyrics “We‘re in this solar system. Together and alone…Now you can follow your […]