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Celebrating Lek

It’s 12:55 pm here in the US. I am 15 hours ahead in Australia. By the time this actually posts, I will have already celebrated Lek…my mom…in Australia. Hopefully, it will have […]

Ça va (It goes)

2 days…until Australia. It just seems like yesterday I was day dreaming and applying for an ETA. As I sat on the phone with Heather, discussing things we’re packing and not packing, […]

I Remember…

I’ve been thinking about you a lot this year, Mama. Thinking about where you might be, which star in the sky that sparkles might be you…what you would say to this or […]

A Tribute to Lek

I cannot believe it is finished. Yesterday, Travis @ Fu’s Custom Tattoos completed my tattoo tribute to my mom. This is what the final piece looks like. I cannot express enough how […]


Well it’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting in Palm Springs, California. It’s been one year and and one month and twenty days and fourteen hours and forty eight minutes since you have left. […]