As I watched the Rangers play against Toronto Maple Leafs and as the Red Wings play against the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight, I listened not to the call of the game but […]


As I was driving home to see Brenda, Bud, Riley, & Taylor which is your home, I realized that it doesn’t feel like home. You’re not there to greet me. I don’t […]

What Workout?

So, changing for you, well that turned into, me still being a lazy slob. I can hear your voice and see the look you’re giving me right now. I know, I know, […]

Not Enough Today

Last night I missed you a lot Mama. I realized that nothing can ever replace what you were, still are, have and will always been to me. I haven’t been writing like […]

A Beautiful Mess

I have written squat. Haven’t even thought about writing. Haven’t even had the urge to write. I have pretty much spent the first 14 days of March being a geek. A geek […]

Human Target

So I caught up on the TV show Human Target. You would really like it Mama. It has action, fight scenes, car chases, and funny characters. You would like the leading actor […]