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A Journey…

Yesterday, February 28, 2023 by 3 pm, I was certified as a true blue Aussie per my Aussie friends. 7 years + 2 and half months, I became an Australian citizen. I […]

blackened earth

a nuclear explosionan apocalyptic wastelandblackened dirtcharred bonesbroken souls haunting the earth fighting for freedomnearly won the waruntil fear in the egorocked a soul to its very core with the push of a […]

You Me and Elvis

you me and Elviskicking off the American dreamas families start to scream neon signs and flashing lightfeel like nothing’s gonna be all right two hearts beating unabashedno broken bottlesno hotel trashed singing […]

My Darling Syd

I met you on a Christmas EveWas that the first time you felt seen?The first time you were heard?Was it the first you felt accepted?And knew you were loved? my darling Sydmy […]

Introducing the Saboteur

Excuse me, is this thing on?Hello. Hi.Ugh, god I suck at this.Terrible, quite actually.Exposed and seenHiding behind words.Meet my inner saboteurRich with vile and low on loveShe’s an evil demon hell bent […]

I Have Become

I have become Disenchanted Disenfranchised Disengaged Disappointed Bitter and not better Angry and not softer Consumed by idle chatter Consumed by idle madness I long for a simpler time before Scrolling through […]

spoken truths

spoken truths geckos chant to corpses below kind words kind actions kind thoughts for yourself and for others let your heart heal let your mind quiet let your soul shine let your […]



footprints 👣 tread quietly little one as they may hear you tread quietly little one as they may fear you tread quietly little one living no sound behind tread quietly little one […]