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Reflections of 2012

I rang 2012 in Bondi (Australia). I rang 2013 in Detroit, MI. One was sunshine with sandy beaches. One was gray skies and melting snow. Both were places I never I imagined […]

Just Me

10 weeks ago, if you had said to me that I would be looking at a calendar filled with 10 weeks of stars for working out and that I would have been […]

Self Rescuing Princess

When I have a down-whoa-is-me, I need a man in my life moment, I always remind myself of the tee shirt I saw on Think Geek that simple read: “Self Rescuing Princess”. […]

Daydream Believer

As I was returning from my walk with Nick, a fabulous fellow asked me as he passed me, “Do you know dreams last for so long even after you’re gone?” I thought […]