screaming silence

screaming silence

rage of jealousness piercing my soul hatred of smiles spewing bile within anger boiling clenched fists heavy not good enough not thought about not cared for screaming agony silencing mind not mine […]

a moment in time

a moment in time

a moment in time stuck between two grains of sand neither giving holding on to something letting go sliding slipping falling fast dragging down the hourglass a moment in time gone forever […]



within lies deep ache within lies sadness within lies broken pieces within lies depression within lies anxiety within lies strength within lies faith within lies fight within lies fire within lies desire […]

Stolen Moments


stolen moments caught in time two hearts bathed in universal light filling the world with magic and filling it with delight stolen moments taken in love by the purest light   This […]

A Big Hurt

a big hurt coffee with bowie

a big hurt believing one could love another a big hurt knowing a certain sadness a big hurt licking wounds in the darkness a big hurt mending scars on the soul a […]