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Landed in ATL Statement of the day/hour/moment…”I gotta pee.” We got thru security but all of our ETAs had problems. Suzanne & Heather @ check in mine at the boarding gate. But […]

The Time is Now

In a few short hours, I’ll be on plane heading to the far side of the world. I’m still worried I don’t have enough money, but as Jimmy Buffett sings…“breathe in, breathe […]

48 Hours

Holy. Shit. Balls.  We leave in less than 48 hours.  Yes, on Tuesday at 5PM, Shelia, Suzanne and I will be on a jet plane, heading to Australia.  I am almost completely […]

Ça va (It goes)

2 days…until Australia. It just seems like yesterday I was day dreaming and applying for an ETA. As I sat on the phone with Heather, discussing things we’re packing and not packing, […]